New Chapters: Starting an Interior Design Project

Starting a renovation, a remodel, or simply trying to turn a new house into your new home can be an intimidating process. But the great thing about starting over is that you have a completely blank slate. Sometimes the blankness stares back at you for a while and starts to seem as if it might never take shape. This void is fed by fear, trepidation and uncertainty. But suddenly a little light starts to shine through and an idea takes hold. In my case, a little peek of color starts to emerge or the image of a great fabric or incredible piece of furniture comes into focus.

This is what I love most about the design process. You back up a few steps, take in the whole picture and then start to build a dream. I ask my clients to take the pressure off their shoulders, relax, and let me navigate their dream for them. I encourage them to tell me how they want to feel when they walk in their house. The process has steps that all start the same way (what is the budget, what is the style genre) but you throw in the individuality of the client’s life, past, and desires and the possibilities become endless. I have been lucky to start my new business with fantastic, interesting and amazing people. In fact, I am all the more dedicated and passionate about finding just the right options for their project knowing who they are and having such a connection with them.

What is it about fresh paint, new colors, the smell of newly buffed wood floors that makes me so giddy? I guess it really boils down to new beginnings. A fresh start feels so good. It erases the bumps and dings that we have created through time and gives way to something uplifting, rejuvenating and full of possibilities.

It is never too late to start something new. Perhaps buy a new throw pillow for the couch, pick up a new vase for the dining room table and if you are feeling really adventurous take on something bigger like that bathroom that drives you crazy. Start from the dream of how it feels when it is finished and at first glance shy away from what “can’t be done”. That list will come back later, for now sit back and fantasize about new beginnings.