The Art of the Master Bathroom

I must admit, I am a fan of a fabulous bathroom. And I firmly believe that at the heart of nearly every great bathroom is a great bathtub. Yes, I understand that not everyone is a bath person, but something about the soak really brings closure to my day. Experts say raising your body temperature... Read More

My Morocco

Any designer can attest, at least somewhere on our bucket travel list you will find Morocco. It  has long been on my list of countries to check off, so when my daughter decided to spend a semester abroad, I thought here is my chance to ease my motherly worry and check out the sights I had... Read More

A Portland Artisan Event

Here’s a collection of photos from Lynne Parker Designs Summer Showcase! We partnered with local artisans and makers to host a farm-to-table event showcasing their wonderful, unique Portland wares. It was a pleasure to work with such inspired and unique individuals, and to share our delicious seasonal creations with our friends. We stopped by the... Read More

Hilltop House: Designing, Remodeling and Reinventing

There is something innately invigorating about the idea of starting over for me. I remember in college art class learning about Tabula Rasa – a blank slate. I have always loved this idea of wiping the slate clean. And while I am metaphorically speaking, I am not kidding I really like to wipe it out.... Read More