Interior Inspiration: A New House on the Hill

I just started a new project, a complete remodel. So many people are fascinated by the process of tearing something completely apart and then rebuilding it. Sometimes those who have done a big remodel cringe at the idea of construction dust and paint swatches. I actually love it. The power to snap your fingers and a room takes on a new look, well maybe not just a snap of the fingers. The first thing I do when I look at a new project is walk through and see what is not working. Usually that comes into focus quickly. In this new project, the first floor had two small bedrooms, two small bathrooms. Immediately I knew that one large master suite would be amazing, especially if we take advantage of this incredible view. Next the small kitchen was blocked by a wall so opening the space into one open flow kitchen and living room combination seemed like a great way to make it feel bigger. Taking advantage of the great view was a high priority so adding two sets of French doors, one set from kitchen and one set from master bathroom should help celebrate the great scenery. Even though it might seem premature, I start pulling all the great fabrics, wallpaper and marble I have had my eye on in the last few weeks, this is where all the fun really begins. I think this house is going to be a contemporary, sleek two level with great views and filled with fabulous finishes. Stay posted as the fun unfolds. First, I need to find a great partner (contractor) and architect to make all the dreams come true. But before I make those calls, I am dreaming about beautiful wallpapers.